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Canon 5D Mark III Custom Settings

I was one of the lucky ones that received my Canon 5D Mark III the week it was released. Here are the settings I am using.   SHOOT 1 Image Quality RAW Image Review 2sec Beep Disable Release shutter without card OFF Lens aberration correction Enabled External Speedlight Control *Firing Enable *ETTLII Meter Evaluative *Flash […]

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Using Strobes instead of Natural Light

A lot of new photographers tout themselves as “Natural Light Photographers.” I’ve never seen a really experienced or talented photographer refer to themselves as a natural light photographer, because most experienced photographers have found the beauty that is strobed photography. I took a class from Joe McNally, which is where I really began my journey […]

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What’s in the BAG? Travel to Europe and Beyond!

I just got back from a trip where I traveled to Germany, Italy, Croatia, Israel, Palestine, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Obviously, getting great pictures on my trips are at the top of the list of importance. So I had to decide what to pack for very different places and what could be very different shooting […]

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Questions to ask before buying new camera gear

What is my budget? What are my primary and secondary uses for my next lens or camrea? What gear do I already have? How is the gear I aleady have limiting me? Would I consider buying used if the equipment was in great condition? Would I consider buying a 3rd party brand? (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, […]

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How to travel with camera gear :: Kingwood, Texas Photographer

Traveling with camera gear can be difficult. The cameras and lenses are obviously breakable, and you should never check them. Airlines claim they aren’t liable if your equipment is stolen (I’d love to see how that holds up in court, but is more of a pain than I would want to deal with. So you […]

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