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Crop Factor :: Houston Photographer

Crop Factor is something you will hear over and over, and it is definitely something you need to learn to understand you gear and what gear is right for you. Different cameras use different size sensors. The larger the sensor, the more expensive the camera is to make. Here is an illustration from the Image […]

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Stages of a Photographer’s Career

I’ve seen this floating around the internet for a a while. Not sure who to attribute it to, but it certainly applies to me and many photographers I have known. Luckily I began shooting in the film era, so I never really got into the HDR hole (a big pet peeve of mine) and I […]

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Photography Acronyms

Something you will quickly find is that there are LOTS of acronyms in photography. Lots of technical things that are much better left to a couple of letters. I am going to start out with a few and probably add on to it as we journey along. AEB – Auto Exposure Bracketing This is a […]

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