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Questions to ask before buying new camera gear

What is my budget? What are my primary and secondary uses for my next lens or camrea? What gear do I already have? How is the gear I aleady have limiting me? Would I consider buying used if the equipment was in great condition? Would I consider buying a 3rd party brand? (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, […]

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Stages of a Photographer’s Career

I’ve seen this floating around the internet for a a while. Not sure who to attribute it to, but it certainly applies to me and many photographers I have known. Luckily I began shooting in the film era, so I never really got into the HDR hole (a big pet peeve of mine) and I […]

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Photography Acronyms

Something you will quickly find is that there are LOTS of acronyms in photography. Lots of technical things that are much better left to a couple of letters. I am going to start out with a few and probably add on to it as we journey along. AEB – Auto Exposure Bracketing This is a […]

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