Lets fix the NBA starting with when the season starts

So the NBA lockout, money money money, blah blah blah. A bunch of rich jerks arguing with a bunch of really rich jerks.


And who is really getting hurt? The guys that work in the NBA industry that aren’t getting paid millions. The guys throwing peanuts at you for peanuts an hour. The guy that gets $10/hour to watch over a parking lot. The guy that scans the barcode on your overpriced ticket. The girl that pours your $10 Bud Light and can’t even get tips. I will never have any sympathy for all those rich jerks because of their selfishness, they are keeping the poor, hardworking laborers that keep the league makings BILLIONS of dollars a year from working. It is going to be a cold, sad Christmas for thousands of kids because a bunch of ass holes can’t decide how to split BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR. Meanwhile, thousands of people just want to make a few extra dollars at their second job so that they can afford Christmas presents or keep the heat on.


The NBA wants to make more money. Yet the most insignificant part of the season – preseason and the first four months – overlap with the most popular sport in America – Football. Not only NFL but also NCAA. So cut that out right now. NBA Preseason is October and the regular season generally starts November 1st or so. October-February, the NBA is competing in a match it will never win – FOOTBALL. But why? Because the season has always started then? Don’t be an idiot, be flexible and make more money.


So push back the start time of the NBA season. Have preseason in December. Keep your traditional Christmas day matchup, but have the LeBron vs Kobe game or whoever the hot stars are be the season opener on Christmas.


Now instead of November 1-April 15th, your season can be Dec 25th-June 15th or so. Then start the playoffs, and have them throughout the end of June and all of July. Now The Finals will be in August. July and August are traditionally really dead sports months, but now you have the NBA Playoffs when the majority of people can watch them and your season only butts up against MLB, which should be easy to dominate.


What does our Annual Sports Calendar look like?

January: NFL Playoffs

February: Super Bowl

March: March Madness

April: First Month of Baseball; Astros not mathematically eliminated from playoffs yet

May: NHL Playoffs

June: Stanley Cup Finals

July: NBA Playoffs

August: NBA Finals

September: Beginning of NCAA and NFL Seasons

October: World Series

November: Rivalry weeks in NCAA Football; MLS Playoffs

December: NCAA Football Bowls


How much sense does this make? WAAAAAAAAAAY too much sense for those selfish jerks to implement a couple month season change, even though it would help them a ridiculously large amount. Not competing with the NFL=More Money. Not competing with NCAA=More Money.

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