Yu Darvish Near Perfect Game

Baseball is not my sport. I love it. I played in high school. I used to share season tickets with my best friends. But as far as shooting it – I suck.

This was my first game of the season.


About the sixth inning, I realized we had something special. My first thought was back to the Sports Shooter article by Ron Veseley about covering the perfect game by Mark Buehrle.


I had spent most of the game in the outside first base photo well. Yu Darvish is a right hander, so I needed some good shots from the third base side. Also, the Rangers are in the third base dugout, and would rush the field if he completed the perfect game.


Inside first base would be my first choice. I looked down and it had six photographers – it usually can hold 2-3. My thoughts are that I don’t want to create the same image as everyone else, but I have to create an epic image of what could be a very historic moment.


I texted my good friend Andrew Hancock. Andrew is one of the best photographers in the world and a frequent contributor to Sports Illustrated. He rightly advised me to make sure I can get the scoreboard in the shot.


With the third base side photo wells completely full, I went to the concorse level. I’m shooting with a 1D Mark IV, 400 2.8, 5D Mark III and 70-200. I also have my trusty FujiFilm X100s. My plan is to shoot the pitch with the 5D3+70-200 so I can get the entire scoreboard with the last pitch. Then immediately switch to the 400 on the 1D4 to get a tight shot of Darvish celebrating, then get the teammates tackling him, but since I will be above shooting down, I should have a much cleaner shot of him than everyone else.


Well, as fate would have it, Darvish gave up a hit with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and no perfect game was to be had. Here are some of my Darvish pics. 

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